Nurturing Explorers
Through Nature and Play!

Welcome to W.I.L.D. Child, where we combine the joy of learning with the thrill of outdoor adventure!

Our homeschool co-op program nurtures curious and creative minds aged 1-14, fostering growth and exploration in the heart of nature. Join us as we empower our explorers through hands-on activities, building friendships, and boosting confidence, all while embracing the wild beauty of the outdoors.

Unleash your child’s potential with W.I.L.D. Child and watch them thrive!


Families who want a community, who believe in the importance of children being outdoors, and who are willing to take risks and expand their comfort zones in the great outdoors. This is a school year long commitment to regular attendance in order to grow as a community together.


We are a parent participation wilderness immersion program (think: forest school). In our group we learn about nature, play in nature and explore nature together. Some weeks we may hike to a favorite climbing tree and practice those skills. Other weeks we practice casting lines with fishing poles. We follow forest school methodology in that we meet at the same location every week to build ownership amongst the children. Families sign up to bring enrichment activities at base camp - recently one mom brought wooden snakes to paint, another brought everything to paint with mud.

The first hour of our group is child-led. We take a snack break in the middle to come together as a group and learn. On Week A we watch a short video from our curriculum and on Week B we check in on our progress from the assignments given in the videos. For example, a few months ago the assignment was to find a specimen and research it. The following week, many of the kids stood up and showed the group what they had found and documented in their nature journals. We read a book related to nature each week, do nature journaling, and provide a variety of activities to explore at our base camp. After this point we often make a group plan that involves hiking, building, exploring, etc.


W.I.L.D. Child costs $30 a month per family for one badge earner. Each additional badge earner is $4 per month.


West Longmont, CO


We meet on Wednesdays, from September - May, all weather, with holiday breaks. Our morning group is birth - 8 years old. The afternoon program is 9-14 year olds with younger siblings mixed in as well.

If you would like to be notified when the new interest list is up, sign up here:

We typically have many families interested in W.I.L.D. Child and can only allow 50 children max (25 for AM and 25 for PM). All spots are currently full but we will open enrollment for any available spots for the fall later this summer. If you are on the list you will be emailed when the new interest list is up.

Tara Roehl
Tara RoehlFounder of 'W.I.L.D. Child'
Tara is a homeschool graduate (Kindergarten-Graduation), homeschooling mom, homeschool advocate and Speech-Language Pathologist.

Tara started W.I.L.D. Child in 2018 after attending other forest school programs. She wanted something tailored to homeschoolers without questionable content. Being a Charlotte Mason homeschooler, she worked to create a literature rich wilderness immersion program focused on nature study, journaling and child led adventures. It was the perfect sister co-op to her already established program, The Nest (est. 2015).

Her amazing husband, Oliver, helps every week at W.I.L.D. Child and her two kids attend the program.

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